Micro Data Centers And Innovation

The future is now and micro data centers are paving the way to innovation

data centerThe combination of smaller processors and a field honed by virtualization gave micro data centers a running start. Most new industries need quite a bit of time to really gain traction. New technologies often need extensive testing, and this can just as often lead to a long process of hardware revisions. The quirks of various components need to be noted as time makes them more apparent. Real world use often proves a far better way of measuring the strengths and limitations of a new technology than any lab work ever could.

Real world testing is also one of the biggest points in favor of micro-data centers. Most of the components have already had massive real world tests thanks to their use in popular public-facing electronics. People have essentially done climate testing just by taking their phones to extremes of heat and cold. This is a huge improvement over traditional data centers which require industrial cooling simply to function at an adequate level.

The issues of temperature and portability really highlight the full potential of a micro data center. They’re small enough to take almost anywhere. New markets would normally simply necessitate a long period of testing. The wide variety of climates offered by the developing world offers up, even more, concerns for new technologies. These developing markets are exactly why innovation within the computer industry is so important. Innovation can push powerful technologies right to the people who need them without the traditional delays involved in the process.

data centerOne can easily see a lot of potential for micro data centers in most of the developed world. Micro data centers are a perfect fit to replace existing machines as they’re slowly phased out. It’s really the developing world that stands to showcase just how much the technology can offer, though. These are the places where there’s no need for a slow transition to the new innovations offered by micro-data centers. In these areas, it can quite literally just be a matter of shipping in a small package and hooking it into a newly established internet pipe. From there a region can essentially jumpstart itself into a new stage of development. Having a heavy networking stack in place means that they also have access to a huge variety of powerful tools.

Everything these days relies on and benefits from networking. Any kind of production or development will be pushed forward at a rapid pace if the area has access to the internet and modern networking technologies. Widespread opportunity for networking is one of the best parts of micro-data centers. A micro data center is also a mobile data center. When one wheels out a micro data center it’s also about unveiling a modern pipeline to the best technologies the world has to offer. Newly developing areas of the world and newly developing suburbs in modern nations alike will quickly benefit from what micro data centers have to offer. Micro data centers are essentially a time-tested way of offering up the backbone of modern culture. Micro data centers themselves are new and innovative. The components within micro data centers are more often than not already tested and proven. Micro data centers offer up innovations which are already available, inexpensive and ready for anyone to use who has the desire to do so.